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PVC/Aluminum Utility Tube Doors
Spring Closure
Pin Closure
Exclusive Reinforced Ribbing
We’ve Combined the Strength of Die-Cast Aluminum with an Easy-to-Install PVC Ring!
Fits Standard 4”, 6” and 10” Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
• 4” has 4.5” I.D.
• 6” has 6.625” I.D.
• 10” has 10.75” I.D.
• Both designed exclusively for PVC applications
• Doors can be mounted 360 degrees without affecting operation
Die-Cast Aluminum Door
• Rib reinforcement cast into door for added strength
• Large padlock tab for security
• Stainless spring lock handle offers greater impact resistance
• Stainless spring lock handle takes load, not cotter pins
• Gasket sealed to ring. Gasket standard at no extra cost
• Choice between pull-pin or spring lock handle
Easier Installation With Molded PVC Ringsl
• No holes to drill
• No silicone caulk to seal
• Just glue on with conventional PVC primer and cement
• Takes seconds to install
• No protruding bolts or rivets (inside or outside)
All Stainless Steel Components
• Stainless 3/8” diameter solid rivets on hinges
• Stainless retaining rings for rivets
• Stainless components prevent rust on doors or vehicle
Stainless spring lock handle assembly with stainless washer and cotter or stainless pull-pin operation on hinged door
Shipped Fully Assembled And Ready To Glue On
• Goes from carton to Schedule 40 PVC pipe in seconds
• Easier to open, longer handle. (Proven by tank truck industry for 20 years)
• Spring can be used to hold door open when hinge is at top
Optional left or right hand spring handle operation
or pull-pin operation
Model No.
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Utility Tube Doors for tube storage.
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